In the internet age, savvy clients now have access to sources previously closed to the non-professional. But the need for professional advice and expertise is as strong as ever.

Today’s home design clients may want to manage a lot of their kitchen or bath renovation on their own and just need basic design service – or they may want full service project management – or something in between.  That’s why I’ve decided to offer a range of services to make the home design project as comfortable and affordable as possible for my clients: 

• Consulting only – advice on how to layout a kitchen, advice on
fixtures and appliances, access to new sources.

• Consulting with sketches and/or drafting – all the above services plus visits to job site, 2 sets of hand sketches and 1 set of final plans.

• Consulting with project management – all the above plus field visit to stone yards and other sources, appliance showrooms, etc. Interface with architect, builder. Field measurements and supervision of mill  shop and installation.

My consulting services will be offered with a schedule of fees, and other options. Please get in touch to learn more about how to use this new service for optimal results.